A message from River Action's Executive Director, Kathy Wine...

Dear Friend,

In geological time, River Action’s 40th milestone isn’t more than the blink of an eye. For us, it can serve as a prompt for self-reflection. We have been doing just that.

We are celebrating 40 years of stewardship, but also asking what’s missing from the Quad Cities riverfront today? I’m reminded of Demolition Davenport’s roast of Dr. Mike Giudici; when he took the mic after the roast, he challenged us to enhance the Quad Cities with what is missing. This is on our list:

  • Take the RDG lighting plan off the shelf and light Lock & Dam 15. This will further beautify all riverfront projects.
  • Achieve equity and inclusion with a Floreciente Trail to Sylvan Island. This will provide residents safe access over an active rail line and River Drive to Sylvan Island.
  • Place an outfitter on the riverfront, provide more kayak and canoe launches near our backwaters, and create more beaches. Downtown Moline and Credit Island in Davenport are currently under study.
  • Enroll, now, all area cities, large and small, in FEMA’s Community Rating System. This will decrease flood insurance costs and make the region eligible for large FEMA grants that mitigate flooding!
  • Repair the damage of divisive infrastructure that prevents residents, YMCA members, and visitors from crossing US 67 and an active rail line to River Heritage Park and national trails by building First Bridge.
  • Listen to the voices of our youth and professionals regarding climate change. (One opportunity will be our Upper Mississippi River Conference, “Learning From Each Other” at Western Illinois University, October 16-17.)
  • Install a water taxi service between Rock Island and Davenport, providing stops at Main Street and Credit Island in Davenport /17th St. and Sunset Park in Rock Island.
  • Build a bike pedestrian bridge to the stadium at Modern Woodmen Park. This should go from being under study to in-the-works.
  • Invest in riverfront trails in LeClaire and Princeton connecting to the new I 80 bridge planned trails.

Dedicated as we are to improving QC health, safety, and sustainability through beautiful human-scale infrastructure on our shared RiverWay and the Mississippi River that joins us, we aspire to fill in what is missing now for the future!


Kathy Wine

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