Every year at River Action's annual Fish & Fire Friendraiser and Fundraiser we honor special people in our community with Eddy Awards.

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We acknowledge those who act as an eddy - "going against the current," to accomplish excellence on the Mississippi River in the areas of Art, Design, Revitalization, River Activity, Education, and Stewardship.

Our past winners include:


2000: John Bald/John Bloom “Waiting for the Ferry”

2001: Kunhild Blacklock, “The Gathering Place”

2002: Ted McElhiney, “Sunday in the Park”

2003: Quad City Arts, “Face the River”

2004: Buffalo School, Mississippi Mosaic

2005: On The River Magazine

2006: Moline, Bass Street Landing

2007: Ballet QC, “One River Mississippi”

2008: Artist’s Advisory Council, “Mississippi River Pallette”

2009: Dick Stahl, river inspired poetry

2010: Quad City Symphony, Riverfront Pops

2011: Julie Malake, Photography & Words

2012: Sierra Club, Environmental Film Fest

2013: Joe Taylor, East West Riverfest

2014: Barb Sandberg & Terri Smith, “Moline City of Mills” mural

2014: Lawrence Bay, “Will B Rolling” sculpture

2015: Mississippi Valley Blues Society, Mississippi Valley Blues Festival

2016: Pat Stolley & Josh Rose, Supporting Art in the QC

2016: Richard Bittner—Bechtel Trusts “Lincoln with Boy on Bridge”

2017: Heidi Brandt, "Art meets the River" Calendar

2018: QC Symphony, Joined by a River Season


2000: RENEW Moline, John Deere Commons

2001: Iowa-American Water Company, renovations of East River Station on River Drive

2002: Davenport, Centennial Park

2003: The Mark of the Quad Cities

2004: QC Rowing Assn, Sylvan Boat House design

2005: Rock Island, Centennial Bridge Infield

2006: DavenportOne, River Music Experience; Sky Bridge; and Figge Art Museum

2007: Davenport Police Station Green Roof

2008: “It’s On The River” Restaurant

2009: Rock Island Renaissance & Illinois EPA, McKesson Building Green Roof

2010: Rock Island, Schwiebert Riverfront Park

2011: Genesis Medical Center, Dr. Joseph Lohmuller, Green Roof

2012: Western IL University Riverfront Campus

2013: Bill Ashton, Bridge Engineering/Design

2013: Rodney Blackwell, KONE Center

2015: IA DOT, I-74 Pedestrian & Bike Trail

2016: Zachary Peterson, River Hertiage Park

2017: Dr. Joe Rives, Western Illinois University Quad City Campus

2018: City of Dubuque, Bee Branch Watershed Flood Mitigation Project


2000: Dianne Brugge, Environmental Club

2001: Roald Tweet for “Rock Island Lines” and writing the history of the Corps of Engineers

2002: Earl Hanson School, River Days

2003: Advanced Technology Environmental Education for “Brownfields in a Box” program

2004: Shaney Ford, Academy of Environmental Ed

2005: Chuck Oestreich

2006: Matt Hammil, WQAD TV River News

2007: Father Bud Grant, Environmental Club

2008: Cal Werner, support of Nahant Marsh

2009: Dr. Norm Moline & Dr. Charles Mahaffey

2010: Brian Ritter, Nahant Marsh Education Center

2011: Ballet QC, “The Ugly Duckling”

2012: Kristen Bergren, Author & Educator

2013: John Riches, Alcoa EagleCam/Education

2014: Robbin Dunn, K-12 curriculum & Watershed Festival

2015: Ellis Kell, Community Outreach Education

2016: Mark Roberts, Mississippi River EcoTourism Center Naturalist-guided cruises on the Miss. River

2016: Lisa Whalen, Environmental Education and Outreach

2017: Shifra Gassner, Joni Nelson, and Gail Heninger, Environmental Education and Outreach

2018: Dave Murcia, Wapsi River Environmental Education Center


2000: Moline Park Board, Ben Butterworth Memorial Parkway

2001: Heart of America Restaurants & Inns, Heart of America building

2002: RI Economic Growth Corporation, riverfront lofts

2003: Riverstone Group, Moline industrial site & Rock Island path bridge

2004: Abbey Station, Union Station & Freighthouse for renovation and reuse

2005: East Moline, The Quarter

2006: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and MidAmerican Energy, Milan Bottoms

2007: Doug Reynolds, The Quarter & REDEEM

2008: Bechtel Trusts and Downtown Davenport Partnership Assoc., Bechtel Park

2009: RI Centennial Bridge Visitors Center

2010: Rock Island, Hydroelectric Plant

2011: Restoration St. Louis, Blackhawk Hotel and Forrest Block Restoration

2012: Brian Hollenback, RI Economic Growth

2013: Dave Schaefer/Davenport North Art Students & Kit Sayles/Davenport Central Art Students for repainting “Sunday in the Park” art sculptures

2014: Paul Rumler, Amtrak Chicago to QC Rail Initiative

2015: Karen Anderson & Charlie Heston, LeClaire, House Renovations & Programs

2016: Jeff Nelson, MetroLINK, The Locks/District Station

2016: Brian Hollenback, Renaissance Rock Island, The Locks/District Station

2017: Y&J Properties, Downtown Davenport

2018: Maria Ontiveros, Mercado on Fifth

2018: Anissa Wanat, Global Communities, Floreciente Neighborhood

River Activity

2000: Great River Trail Council, GRT

2001: Quad City Marathon

2002: MetroLINK, Channel Cat

2003: Lake Davenport Sailing Club, regattas, Sailing School, and family activities

2004: Bettendorf Park Board, Eagles Landing and Boat Launch Area

2005: Grand Excursion 2004 Board of Directors

2006: Bettendorf Parks and Recreation, the Riverfront Trail

2007: Rock Island, “Get On Board”

2008: Rock Island, Rock Island Arsenal, and Bi-State, ADT Trail Crossing

2009: Race Committee & Quad-City Times, Bix 7 Road Race

2010: Friends of Off Road Cycling, Sylvan Island Trails

2011: The Loop Transit System

2012: Kevin Kernan, Princeton Outdoor Adventures

2014: Mike Wennekamp, Adaptive Rowing Program; Greg Albansoder, Credit Island Bridge

2015: Dean Mathias, Bicycle Advocacy & Conservation

2016: Mayor Sony Paddock, City of Riverdale, Mississippi River Trial

2017: Tim Nelson, Tweed Ride

2018: Greg Farnham and Frank Schier, Rock River Trails Initiative


2000: Chad Pregracke, Xstream Cleanup

2001: Bald Eagle Days

2002: Barb Arland-Fye, river newspaper coverage

2003: Dr. R. Josef Hofmann, community activism for trails and clean water

2004: Bob Bryant, Wapsi Environmental Center

2005: St Ambrose University, management practices

2006: RI, Stormwater Management Program

2007: Curtis Lundy, Xsteam Cleanup, Save Our Streams, and IOWATER

2008: Rock Island, Sylvan Slough Natural Area; Dr. Mike Giudici, Greenway Habitat

2009: Sylvan Island Dreamers, Island Park

2010: Jerry Neff

2011: Fritz Fuhs, river clean-up /AMP Organization

2012: City of Bettendorf, Stormwater Projects

2013: Joe Pennings, LaFarge Renewable Fuel System

2014: Kathy Morris, iLive Here QC & Recycling

2015: Tony Singh, Walk for the Bees Project

2016: Tim Huey, Lost Grove Lake Conservation

2016: Brian Parkinson, Agricultural Conservation and Practices

2017: Art Norris, Pollution Cleanup at Green River

2017: Nahant Marsh Education Center

2017: Blackhawk Township, Hennepin Canal Restoration

2018: Robb and Jennifer Ewoldt, Best Management Practices in Agriculture

Special Recognition

2008: Mark Beorkrem, In Memoriam

2010: Paddy Blackman, Public Access

2012: Sally Heffernan, RI City Planner

2014: Ann Breen & Dick Rigby, Creative Collaborations

2014: Tom Wine, Volunteer

2015: Steve DuPron, Volunteerism & RTR Support

2016: William Gluba, River Advocacy

2016: Tom & Pat Bolton, Organization and Leadership

2016: Walt Bassow, Ride the River Barge Transport

2017: Tracy Dvorak, Volunteerism

2018: Reggie McCloud, 25th Year of "Big River Magazine"

2018: Dave Hill, In Memoriam

Do you know someone who deserves an Eddy Award? Give us your nominees for 2019 HERE.

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