Taming of the Slough is now part of the 3x3 Adventure Series! The Timber City Adventure Race, Taming of the Slough, and the Annawan Canal Ambush are the three races that make up the series. Individuals who have signed up for all three races will compete to see who has the fastest total time once the third finish line has been crossed. The one who emerges victorious will walk away with the 3x3 Champions Cup!

Sign up for all three races quick and easy by filling out one form!

Timber City Adventure Race

The Paddle… is an 8 mi. course on the Maquoketa River beginning at Canton. You will wind below towering limestone bluffs and through secluded valleys on scenic route to Royertown Bridge access. This is the 2nd bridge you will come to. Exit on left side, carry canoe past clear zone, run up drive to get bike or tag biker if on relay team.

The Bike… is a 14 mile course that starts with a challenging incline – one of the steepest in Jackson County, continues with several rolling hills, a steep decline with sharp right turn at the bottom and long flats to gather speed. Biker must follow all traffic laws, including stop at Highway 61 before crossing. Helmets are required.

The Run… is a 5K (3.1 mile) mostly flat course starting at Hurstville Lime Kilns. Head south on old Highway 61, follow the signs and course directors through the turns in Maquoketa.

The Taming of the Slough

The Paddle... is a 3.8 mile circling Campbell's Island through the Campbell's Island Slough and the Mississippi River.

The Bike... is an 8.3 mile mountain bike ride that goes through one of the Quad Cities best singletrack courses at Illiniwek Forest Preserve.

The Run... is 2 miles along the Mississippi River Trail and finishing with a trek through a riverfront nature preserve.

The Annawan Canal Ambush

The Run... is a 1.5 mile run across relatively flat ground.

The Bike... is a 6.7 mile flat bike route over paved roads.

The Paddle... is a 1.8 mile route down the canal.

All along the Hennepin Canal!

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