D1: Location- Credit Island Sculptures
Ans.A SUNDAY in the PARK and a mother and daughter and the Couple

D2: Location- Davenport Sailing Club
Picture to send in- Sailboats

D3: Location- Waiting for the Ferry Sculpture
Answer- Overalls- boy pointing hat- boy sitting on the bench Name on plaque- Watching the Ferry -John Bloom

D4: Location- Architecture Park
How many people pictured?- 12
Total of all the digit numbers on the sign- 1850+1910+1870=5630
How many times do you see the word Mississippi? 2
What is the total? ~5644

D5: Location- BallPark

  1. River Bandits
  2. Modern Woodmen Park
  3. Centennial
  4. Red White Blue
  5. Seventh
How many BASKETS are on the wheel? 20

D6: Location- Bandshell
Picture to send in- Bandshell


B1: Location- Navigational Steps
Answer: Number- 7 Location- LaCrosse, WI

B2: Location- Boy Skipping Rock Sculpture
Answer- 10

B3: Location- I-74 Bridge Construction
Answer: number of cranes (will vary)

B4: Location- Pat and Jack Bush Scenic Overlook
Answer- Pat and Jack Bush Scenic Overlook

B5: Location- Pigeon Creek Park
Answer- New England Aster, Purple Cone Flower

B6: Location- St. Paul Mile Marker
Answer- 361 miles

Arsenal Island

A1: Location- Arsenal Bridge Swingspan
It truly is a sight to see
The owl’s unique ability
To perch and then appear to freeze
While spinning 360 degrees
Ralph Modjeski

Rock Island

R1: Location- Crescent Bridge
Answer: Crescent Bridge and 4 arches

R2: Location- Sylvan Slough Natural Area
Answer- 21 arches

R3: Location- Sunset Park Viewing Tower
Answer- 16/17 stairs

R4: Location- Blackhawk Mural
Answer- Send in photo posed like Blackhawk is on the mural

R5: Location- Schwiebert Park
Picture to send in- human flood wall
Answer- Schwiebert Park and sending in an image of the human flood wall.

R6:Location- Centennial Bridge
Answer- Two Large and Three Small


M1: Location- Ben Butterworth
Answer- 1991

M2: Location- Celebration Bell Landing
Answer- 12 or 24

M3: Location- Bass Street Landing
Answer- 3

M4: Location- YMCA Docks
Answer- 7 Benches

M5: Location- Deere Factory Sculpture (Inbetween TGIF and Taxslayer Center)
Answer- 1981 John Deere Foundry

M6: Location- Sylvan Island Entrance John Deere Sculpture
Answer: 4

East Moline

E1: Location- Eddy Sculpture
Answer- East Moline Rapids

E2: Location- Quater
Answer- Beacon Harbor

E3: Location- Deere Harvester Plant

E4: Location- Red Roof Kiosk at the Quarter
Answer- 23

E5: Location- The Bend
Answer- Ninth Floor

E6: Location- Empire Park
Answer- 1902

Rapids City

RC1: Location-River Turns West/ House on Island
Answer- Dark Brown

Port Byron

PB1: Location- Time Capsule Plaque
Answer- 2076


H1: Location- Blacks Store
Answer- 4

H2: Location- Illiniwek Entrance

Sylvan Island

SI: 1 Location- Entrance Signs
Answer- Thomas W. Rogers

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